Squires Performance is your premier performance parts distributor and installer for all of your performance needs, including: STS Turbo and Holley Performance and EFI Products


With vast experience in the Automotive Performance industry, Squires can handle all of your performance modifications.  Turbochargers, Superchargers and Nitrous Oxide, Squires has been doing it all for years.  

Squires Performance is a clean and modern fabrication and service facility that will exceed your expectations for the ultimate modification experience.

Tuning Services

Whether you need hands on Dyno tuning here in Utah or if you need E-mail Tuning Services on the other side of the planet, Squires has written thousands of tunes and can give you the performance and drivability that you expect.

With experience using a vast variety of tuning software and hardware, Squires can tune your specific vehicle and help solve the tuning issues on your custom projects.


With years of experience working with race teams around the globe to win races and set world records, Squires can help you perform at your peak and win events. 

Whether you are racing on-road, off-road, drag, standing mile or salt flats, Squires has experience with all types of racing and can help you think 'out of the box' and win events.

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