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Merrill M
Business Professional

I actually came to meet Rick through another business venture.  I liked the concept of the turbo, and it was not “just like everyone else” who was putting superchargers on their vehicles.  The concept of the turbo made sense, and then when I saw his Corvette, that sealed the deal for me.  I had purchased a Challenger SRT 8 with the 392.  It was fun, but I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted Rick to turbo it.  I finally got around to getting the work done, and wow, was I surprised at what it did for the car!  Considerably more horsepower and torque  than either of us expected.  But the horsepower is just the tip of the iceberg.

The integrity and honesty that Rick displays and makes a daily part of his routine is equally as important to me as the performance.  He tells you exactly the way it is, he doesn’t sugar coat it, nor does he pull punches. He always stated directly and honestly how it is and what was going on.   I always felt as though I was part of the process, not just the one writing the check at the end.  He was very communicative and always ran things by me.  I really felt as though he were looking out for my best interest. 


The car is amazing, and almost as good as the total experience with Rick. 
Would I do it again, ABSOLUTELY, would I use anyone else but Rick, NEVER.  I absolutely recommend Rick, as there is no one better qualified to do the job, and certainly no one with better tuning skills.  You just won’t find a better value, or a better person to work with.

Merrill M

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