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Paul T



I jumped on the Turbo wagon a few years ago, because most people were going with the superchargers.  Little did I know that I was way out of my league when it came to understanding/working on the setup.   Living 4 hours from any major town almost makes it impossible to get my car to a shop for tuning.   My only source of help is via phone or email, which with most businesses (customer services) is a joke.  Since I do a lot of the work on the car during the weekends and odd times, it’s hard  to get information or help.  Not the case by far with Rick.  I was amazed at the response time with the emails and tuning turn-around.  Even the time of day that he sent them.  Seems as if he is working at all hours.  He really saved me from wasting a lot of time.  His patience with helping me understand the setup and tuning changes are much appreciated too.  Not to mention the compliments that I get on my car at the local drags.

Can’t wait to get my new setup, so that Rick can get it dialed in.
Thanks pt


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