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Performance Enthusiast

My name is Brian Mannasmith and I have a D1 Procharged 2007 Mustang GT.  The car was originally tuned in Virginia at 0 elevation.  Coming to Utah I realized the car wasn't running as good as it should because we are so high in elev here.  I called a few performance shops to have the car tuned and they said they could not tune it with my current tune/programer.  They either dealt with SCT, or others.  I got ahold of Rick at Squires Performance through DiabloSport and talked to him about my car.  Not only was he helpful, but very knowledgeable about Diablo tunes and performance.


I told him what I wanted done with the car, and my expectations were exceeded.  Rick did a great job with my car!  It runs and sounds a lot better and shifts smoother.  Did it take a little longer than expected?  Sure, but I didn't mind because I knew at the end of the day I got a great running and sounding car!  That's how he works.  If he doesn't like it, he will take the extra time to fix it right.  I couldn't be happier.  In the future I know who to go to for all my performance needs!  


Rick, thanks again!



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