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My name is Robert Ellis and I am the owner of a 2010 Camaro that I’ve been working on for several years now. I originally thought that I would supercharge the car and be happy! But after a year of the increased horsepower I wanted more, so I proceeded to change pulleys sizes, increase fuel volume, and add NOS. I was able to obtain more power but lost all reliability and drivability of the car. A friend got me in contact with Rick Squires and after we evaluated the car and my desires we decided to leave the supercharger and NOS on the car but also add twin turbos.


Rick’s idea was by having the supercharger on the car the low-end horsepower would not be a problem and the big twin turbos would come on and give the power I was looking for. This was no easy task taking the car in the condition it was in. Rick had to basically work from one end of the car to the other redoing problems with much of the work that had been previously done at other shops. Every time I was amazed at the craftsmanship and Rick’s meticulous work. It was amazing to me to see how good the car looked after Rick would complete an area. Honestly it was better than a factory installation. Once all the bugs were worked out of the car the tuning became incredibly challenging because of the three power adders. Rick was determined to make it right and never stopped working on the car until it ran amazing.


The car right now is set up with two levels of boost. On low boost the car runs and sounds so good. The boost is set at about 12 lbs. and the supercharger and turbos work together perfectly. Then in racing situations or at the track in one switch of a button the cars boost is increased to around 16 lbs. and the horsepower is increased to over a 1000 RWHP. In high boost setting the NOS turns on automatically and the supercharger is only on for the launch.


Rick designed something that no other car builder has done with these two boost levels because when the car is in high boost the supercharger only stays on for the launch. Once the car builds enough boost the supercharger turns off, allowing the turbos to give all the power to the car. I’m extremely pleased with how the car performs. Honestly it is more than I ever imagined. I know without using Squires Performance my car would not be what it is today. Thank You!! Robert Ellis


-Robert Ellis


Robert Ellis
Business Owner
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