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Squires has worked with vehicle owners, racing drivers, race teams and speed shop owners from all over the world.  Here are a few customers that will tell you about their experience working with Squires:

Bob Scheid (Cleveland) - Business/Marketing/Owner


I've had the honor of working in the automotive aftermarket for over 20 years. In that time I've had the opportunity to work with many car builders. My experience with Rick Squires ranks at the very top. Never have I been more impressed with the attention to detail in all of the builds I have done with him. More than just a car builder Rick is a creative genius. From parts designing to problem solving, each experience led me to do another one with Squires. If you are an individual looking to build or tune your project then you will find no better source. If you are a manufacturer looking for design, emissions or project consultation I would highly recommend Squires Performance. Bob Scheid Founder - SERES LLC Director of Business Development - McLeod Racing LLC

Thank you!

Chris Hollingsworth (Australia) - Speed Shop Owner/Racer

My name is Chris Hollingworth and i am the owner/director of holley pro sport , a well established performance and tuning shop in Brisbane Australia. Ive worked on some of australia's fastest and most winningest race teams over the past 20 years, including driving a 5 sec funny car for the Castrol/ Victor Bray race team. Ive had the priviledge of working with Rick over the last 7 or 8 years, first with turbo charging my own race cars and then with help on tuning , fuel systems and general performance projects ive been doing. Owning and driving Australia's fastest street car back in the late 90's ,a 582 BB chev powered holden ute, running low 8's at 165+ mph has helped me understand what you need to be no.1 .Rick has been a big part of my projects with some fantastic input and advise in all areas, including my lastest project a 66 chevelle with a twin turbo fuel injected BB 540 cu in engine. This engine is capable of 2000hp if needed. I would recommend Rick Squires to any one who needs to go fast and doesnt want to burn the budget.....Thanks for all your help Rick, ill come visit soon .... Chris Holley

David Pilgrim (Texas) - Land Speed World Record Holder

My name is David Pilgrim and I've been building,racing and collecting high performance cars and motorcycles for 45 years. I've been a shop owner,a dealer (Harley-Davidson Yamaha)and a sportsman racer. We currently compete in land speed events (Bonneville and 1 mile)and have set over 25 records in the last 9 years.

Rick Squires has been there from the beginning when we built a twin turbo corvette to compete in A-BGT. He also helped us turbo-charge our vintage 1938 Harley-Davidson land speed bike. Its a old side-valve (flathead)that made 18 hp stock and now makes 120+rwhp and runs over 150 mph. Rick has always been there to help us. He is a extremely talented individual with a broad knowledge of tuning,power-adders,engine-design,driveline components,chassis design and handling.

Rick has always found time to come to the track and support our efforts. Rick has solved numerous problems that range from mystery shut-downs to bad handling due to a alignment problem. His input and advice is invaluable. I highly recommend Squires. Performance to anyone with a high performance project.

David Pilgrim Pilgrim and Stubbs Racing

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