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David Pilgrim


Multiple World Records

My name is David Pilgrim and I've been building,racing and collecting high performance cars and motorcycles for 45 years. I've been a shop owner,a dealer (Harley-Davidson Yamaha)and a sportsman racer. We currently compete in land speed events (Bonneville and 1 mile)and have set over 25 records in the last 9 years.

Rick Squires has been there from the beginning when we built a twin turbo corvette to compete in A-BGT. He also helped us turbo-charge our vintage 1938 Harley-Davidson land speed bike. Its a old side-valve (flathead)that made 18 hp stock and now makes 120+rwhp and runs over 150 mph. Rick has always been there to help us. He is a extremely talented individual with a broad knowledge of tuning,power-adders,engine-design,driveline components,chassis design and handling.

Rick has always found time to come to the track and support our efforts. Rick has solved numerous problems that range from mystery shut-downs to bad handling due to a alignment problem. His input and advice is invaluable. I highly recommend Squires Performance to anyone with a high performance project.

David Pilgrim Pilgrim and Stubbs Racing

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