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Rick Squires has been in the automotive performance industry for 30 years.  Squires designed and patented the Remote Mounted Turbocharger and founded Squires Turbo Systems (STS Turbo) in 2003.  He has received multiple design and engineering awards including an award from General Motors for the Best High Performance Product at the SEMA show.  Squires has helped performance enthusiasts all over the world reach their horsepower goals, win races and set world records in a wide range of on-road and off-road racing venues.  After selling STS Turbo, Squires has started Squires Performance, LLC to allow him to be able to give a more hands-on and personalized service to a select customer base.  Squires Performance is a state of the art performance shop providing top quality service and products to the automotive enthusiast and professional race team.

Our Vision.

The automotive performance world has changed dramatically over the last 10-20 years.  The days of having a fast car that stays in the garage except for weekends and having a daily driver for the rest of the week is a thing of the past.  At Squires, we believe you can have your cake and eat it too with a serious high horsepower performance car that is daily driven and road-trip worthy.  1000HP and great fuel mileage with all the factory comforts and road manners of a production touring vehicle is well within reach and can be yours with proper planning and a reasonable budget.  You spend enough time in your vehicle, why not enjoy it every minute.

Unlike many shops that dabble in the performance market, Squires only focuses on performance builds and understands that performance work is done at a whole different level than standard automotive repairs.  Squires can help you reach your horsepower and performance goals in a timely and professional manner.  Just check out some of the testimonials of customers that have worked with Squires on their performance projects. 

Squires Profile.

Rick Squires has been an ASE certified mechanic for over 25 years and has vast experience with all aspects of vehicle modifications and repairs.  Squires received several US and international patents and has experience with taking products from the idea stage, through design and production and to market. Squires has helped thousands of customers install turbochargers and reprogram their vehicle computers all around the globe.

With extensive knowledge of emissions and on-board computer control systems, Squires has received multiple Executive Orders certifying performance products for sale in California and can help companies through this technical process.  Squires won a national fuel mileage contest in 2008 with the highest fuel mileage improvement and by far the largest gain in horsepower and has the experience to help with your mileage, emissions and horsepower needs.

Squires has been featured in nearly every automotive magazine including Hot Rod and Motor Trend Magazines.  He has also been featured on most automotive television programs and has the experience and contacts to help guide you through whatever automotive project you need assistance with and looks forward to working with you.

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